Boult Audio AirBass GearPods

Boult Audio AirBass GearPods

with 32H Playtime Bluetooth Headset

I got someone a pair of Boult airpods from flipkart for ₹1,299. Also available from Boult website at the same price as of today. Currently it's at ₹1,119 on flipkart - so they've reduced the price by ₹100 since I bought it in July 2022.

Boult is a Delhi-based audio hardware company.

The casing is a tiny bit confusing probably because of the black color I ordered. I removed the black airpods from the case immediately but didn't notice how it was placed. After checking it out I tried a lot to insert it back in but I found that there was insufficient space in the case for the pods to get in. I got confused - I didn't get to know how it sits in. After some time I noticed the tiny hole in which the pods' "handle" (can't find a better term for this) can get it. The reason why I didn't notice the tiny hole was probably because the entire casing is black and I didn't have sufficient light to notice it (the depth). Anyway, this is probably a one-off case and not for 99% of users.

I connected it to his OnePlus Nord 2T 5G mobile and it was seamless as always for most new Bluetooth devices. The sound is more than good enough for most use cases. The person I bought it for uses only one pod because he says that he can't hear anything from the outside when both are plugged into his ears.

Charging is like once a day for an hour or two max. So far so good.

How to clean it? In washing machine.