Why ChatGPT still leads the race in GenAI

Why ChatGPT still leads the race in GenAI

Comparing different Gen AI tools to determine which one is better off for a school grader or a college goer from my POV

For someone who has last touched Calculus 23 years ago, I had no other option than to go online. So I punched this question on 4 different Gen AI tools (free version and not the Pro versions of these) to evaluate one over the other, only in terms of understanding the solution from someone like me, who still remembers only basic math (like in middle school, if not high school). And most importantly, readability on the screen and not using mathematical text like as if its in a programming coding language.

Find the interval in which f(x) = 3 − 2x + x^4 is increasing or decreasing.

Microsoft Co-Pilot :

Google Gemini :

Anthropic's Claude :

ChatGPT :

Does one still need an explanation as to why ChatGPT is far far better off ?